My adult students have always been interested in how to swear in English. But they never had a guide to help them learn about it. So I decided to write one.

And here it is – a fantastic 37 page e-book for students (or teachers!) of English – and other lovers of language – to help you use and understand the “bad” words they never put in textbooks.

Now you can:

  • Understand what we say to each other, at home, at work, in the street and in films. 
  • Express yourself in English with force and humour.
  • Avoid giving offence with the wrong word at the wrong time.

I’ve chosen 27 of the most common and interesting English swear words. For every use of each word, and its derivatives, I give you:

  • explanations,
  • entertaining example sentences/dialogues (more than 170 !),
  • phonetics for pronunciation,
  • non-sweary alternatives, and more.

Plus general offensiveness ratings and how to choose your insult.

It’s bloody great!

The cost: you choose! On the next page you will see a recommended price. You can edit that and pay as little, or as much, as you wish! Whatever you think is fair. (There is a very small minimum price, intended to cover the cost of the domain name and the fees of the nice people who organise the payments and downloads. But apart from that it’s up to you.)

Want to see some sample pages before you buy? Click here!

buy now (secure checkout with PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal you can also use a credit or debit card.)

(Note: the e-book does not include words whose only uses are sexual or anatomical, because when we swear we want to use words in a non-literal way. Otherwise we’re just being obscene. It also does not include taboo words whose only purpose is to insult people for their race, colour, religion or sexuality.)

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